October 25, 2009

Home Study

The preschool is closed temporarily because of an influenza outbreak. If your child has energy and wants to "do school" here are some ideas for things that will (sort of) simulate a preschool day. These are just ideas. You may adjust them to your situation or do something completely different.

Circle Time

Talk about the weather. "How's the weather today?" It's (sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy, partly cloudy). It's (hot, cold).

Look at a calendar and talk about it.
"What day of the week is it today?" "Today is Monday."
"What day of the week was it yesterday?" "Yesterday was Sunday."
"What day of the week will it be tomorrow?" "Tomorrow will be Tuesday."

"What month is it?" "It's October"
"What is the date?" (pointing at each number on the calendar, count together from 1 to today's date, 26.)
"What year is it?" "It's 2009."
"Let's say today's day and date together." "(together) Today is Monday, October 26, 2009."

Talk about the letter of the week, E.
  • Write a big "E" and a little "e." Ask your child to say the name of the letter. Help if needed.
  • See if your child can tell you what sound the letter makes (the first sound in the word "egg").
  • Practice writing the letter, especially the big "E" with your child. They can write it in the air, on a table, or in a little tray of salt with their fingers. They can also try on paper with a pencil, crayon, or marker.
  • Think of as many words as you can that start with "e." Examples are egg, elephant, engine, extra, envelope . . .
  • Try to find things in the house whose names begin with "e" or look for the printed letter "e." You might find it on clothes, packaged food in the kitchen, or in books.
Project Time
  • Set out some blocks or puzzles.
  • Set out some art supplies like paper, paints, crayons, scissors, glue, tape, etc.
  • Make play dough together. Here's a simple recipe.
  • Prepare a snack or meal together.
Park Time

If your child is healthy and the weather is good, take a ball or jump rope and go to a nearby park. Look for leaves changing colors. How many different kinds of leaves can you find? Are there acorns or pine cones around? Collect some and arrange them by size for math practice.

Bible Time
  • Tell or read the story of David and Goliath. The story is in I Samuel 17 in the Bible. You will want to simplify it for your child or read it from a children's Bible. If do not have a children's Bible, see the minibooks linked to below. The main point we want to get across in the lesson is that with God's help, little people can do big things.
  • Print and fold a minibook of the story of David and Goliath. Here are links to pdf files of minibooks in color and black and white. (I recommend black and white if your child wants to color the book himself).
  • Talk about some things that are hard for your child to do but doable with God's help.
  • Pray with your child for his friends from preschool who are sick.
Story Time
  • Read some story books with your child. Pause occasionally to discuss the pictures, what your child thinks will happen next and what your child would do if he were a character in the story.
  • Get online with your child and play with some favorite characters from books. Here are some links:
  • randomhouse.com/kids Dr. Seuss, Thomas, Sesame Street, Berenstain Bears, and more
  • http://www.scholastic.com/clifford/ Clifford
Above all, be safe and well! We hope to see everyone together again soon. If you have any questions or comments, please call or email me. If you have ideas to share with others, you can put them in the comments section at the bottom of this blog post.


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