September 22, 2010

New Hope Preschool Newsletter #3

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Dear New Hope Preschool Friends,

We hope you had a wonderful summer. In this month’s newsletter we welcome new students and teachers, introduce our fall enrollment campaign, look back at summer preschool and forward to a possible Western Adventure study abroad program, and point to two websites that you might enjoy with your children. If you prefer not to receive these monthly updates, please let us know by replying to this message with “unsubscribe” in the subject line. On the other hand, if you enjoy the letter, feel free to forward it to a friend.


We’ve started our new school term with a bang. September is a month of welcoming new friends and welcoming back old friends. Preschool children each received a welcome certificate and made pictures of the preschool, developing a sense of belonging and ownership.

We also welcomed two new teachers recently. Our new Mommy and Me teacher, Mrs. Mika, is the mother of a New Hope Preschool graduate. She has lived abroad and has lots of teaching experience She is raising two bilingual children in an international family.

Mr. Peter, an Australian, is teaching some of our Kids’ English classes. A fun-loving and musical teacher, Mr. Peter’s classes that are lively and popular.

Fall Campaign

Our fall campaign has begun with big enrollment discounts and even gift cards. If you are thinking about enrolling your child in one of our courses or have friends who might be interested, please call us or see the details on our website.

Summer Preschool

Looking back at the summer, we had an action-packed Summer Preschool program. Our weekly themes were “community helpers,” going to the zoo,” and “health and fitness.” Please see our blog for highlights.

Parent/Child Study Abroad

We are in the early stages of putting together a summer study abroad program for parents and children (adults without children are welcome too). We are not 100% sure that it will happen, but how does a Western Adventure sound? We’ll keep you informed.

Around the Web

Our helpful links this time have to do with art. One of our online sources for art ideas is . It is done by an elementary school art teacher and has too many great ideas for us to use here. Please try some projects at home and tell us what you think. Another fun site is . It’s a mommy blog about arts and crafts projects that are inspired by children’s books.