February 20, 2015

Early Graduation

We had a mini graduation today for a student who will be moving away before his classmates graduate. Congratulations and blessings on you and your family in your new home!

February 17, 2015

100th Day

We celebrated the hundredth day of school last week. Each child brought 100 of something to share with the class. They also got to wear very cool headgear!

Valentine Sushi

Mrs. Ellen's cooking class made heart-shaped sushi and heart-shaped konyaku for Valentine's Day.


February 03, 2015

February 02, 2015

Spring Programs for Kids Age 3 to 12

Spring Preschool is for kids age 3 to 6. See our website for more information in English or Japanese.

Spring School is for kids age 7 to 12. More information is available in English and Japanese.