September 27, 2011



プリスクールには6カ国籍・計18人の生徒が在籍しています。今週は”Me Book”(自分についての本)をつくり、私たち個々がそれぞれユニークで特別な存在だということを学びました。




・東京アート・ビートでは東京近辺で行われる子供向けのイベントを紹介しています。 (日本語・英語)

・エデュケーション・イン・ジャパン・コミュニティー・ブログでは日本での子供教育に関する記事を集めて記載しています。最近では原発による放射能に関するニュースや日本にいる子どもたちへの影響を問題にした記事が多く見られます。 (英語のみ)


New Hope School News - September 2011 (English)

Welcome to our first letter of the new school year! As you may know, we opened an elementary school this month in the same facilities as our preschool. We have eight students representing five nations! Our school is indeed international. The first few weeks we have focused our studies on ancient Egypt. Did you know that in the process of making a mummy, the brains were removed through the nose? Yuck! Our students know that bit of trivia as well as many other things about one of the oldest and greatest civilizations.

Preschool is also in full swing with 18 students from six nations. We are making “Me Books” this week and learning about what makes each of us special and unique.
Our staff has increased to include a Japanese teacher, a music/art teacher, and another Kids’ English and Afternoon Preschool teacher. We are having a great time learning from one another and from our students. If you see a new face, say hello and introduce yourself!

We are running an autumn campaign now. New students can save from ¥29,400 to ¥55,125 depending on which course they sign up for. As always, current students who introduce a new student receive ¥10,000 worth of gift cards. Contact us for details.

Here are some online resources you might be interested in.

  • The Education in Japan Community Blog is a collection of posts related to kids and education in Japan. Recently, it has featured lots of news about the nuclear situation and how it is affecting children in Japan.

Please take care as the weather cools off. Feel free to contact us any time. We love to hear from you.

September 26, 2011

Ukulele Lesson

Our school was recently given several ukuleles from Hawaii. In Hawaii, the ukulele is taught in elementary schools. It's just the right size for little hands, and the nylon strings are easy to press. Today, Miss Lauren, our music teacher began to teach the ukulele in our school. Can you tell by the smiles and looks of concentration that the kids loved it?