April 24, 2009

April 20-24, 2009

Bible Story: Peter's Rescue (Acts 12:1-17)

Memory Verse: Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. John 14:27

Character Issue: Being a peacemaker

"My World" Topic: Rope

"Rope" Bulletin Board: Click image for details (Thanks Yuki!)

What better way than to put into practice what we learned about ropes than a good, old tug-of-war? We took a big rope to the park and played but I was so excited by the game that I forgot to take pictures. Anyway, the results were one win apiece for boys versus girls. When we played teachers versus students, the teachers were about to lose when two kids from the neighborhood joined and helped us beat the students.

Here are some shots from the park.

The childen found a fallen tree to sit on.


Happy Birthday Boys!

Here's a book about a rope that hangs from the sky with a sign that says "Pull for more." A story that warns us to be careful what we wish for because we just might get it. The Rope

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