May 14, 2009

"S" is for Spider Web (and Snake)

In our afternoon preschool program, we introduce a letter each week. This week's letter is "S" so we made spider webs by dipping yarn in white paint and applying the paint to dark construction paper.

First, use the yarn to practice the letter of the week.

Then, holding the two ends of the yarn, dip it into white paint and lay it across the paper to leave a "strand" of the spider web. Repeat until finished.

The children loved this activity!

I'm editing this post to add another S activity that we did. "Snake" is another great word that begins with "s" especially since snakes make the same sound that the letter does. For this activity, we had dip a finger in glue and write a large "s" on construction paper (We wrote a light pencil guideline for the three-year-olds). Then they laid a piece of yarn on the s-shaped glue and stuck it down. Finally they drew the outline of a snake around the yarn and added snake-like patterns. A fun multi-sensorial way to practice the letter of the week.

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