June 08, 2009

Select Shots

Rather than writing up details of the week, I thought I'd just post a few photos with comments.

First is our Mothers' English class. Mrs. Ellen has a weekly class for parents where they discuss, in English, what we are teaching the children that week in preschool. It helps parents reinforce the week's lessons with their children and also work on their own English. As you can see from the photo, they have a lot of fun.

Music Class: Mrs. Naomi teaches music to the children every Wednesday. They work on everything from singing and recognizing notes to rhythm, from handbells to sign dance, from piano to percussion.

We read stories every day. This helps children with prereading skills, concentration, imagination, and building vocabulary beyond what they would normally hear in the classroom. We encourage parents to read to their children. We have a few hundred books in our library corner that families may borrow. For parents who have a hard time reading in English, we have a section of books that come with CDs or tapes.

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