March 28, 2011

Spring School - Day One

The theme for Spring Preschool this year is "My Five Senses." Today we learned about the sense of sight. We sang songs about our eyes, played "I Spy," and did a lot with colors.

We did a color mixing activity. First, we read Leo Lioni's "A Color of His Own." It's a story about a chameleon who can't figure out what color he should be. Then the children received a blank picture of a chameleon and red, yellow, and blue paint. They mixed and applied the paint with cotton swabs, making their own unique chameleons.

Chameleon Coloring

Mixing Colors

Colorful Chameleons
 Then we talked about our favorite colors and about what it would be like if everything were that color. That led us into our next story, "Priscilla and the Pink Planet." It's about a girl who gets sick of living on a planet where everything is pink. Then we made colored "binoculars" with cellophane paper so the kids could see what it would look like if everything were the same color.

Cellophane Binoculars

Decorating the Rose-Colored Glasses
Tomorrow we learn about the sense of hearing. We're looking forward to lots of music!

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