April 01, 2011

Spring School - Day Five

Today was the last day of Spring Preschool. We finished up "My Five Senses" with the sense of smell. We read a book about the five senses, and let the children smell eight different things from the kitchen without looking. Several kids were able to identify quite a few of the smells. (In case you're interested, the smells were chocolate, coffee, lemons, oranges, vinegar, soy sauce, grapes, and peppermint candy).

Smell Samples
"I recognize that smell!"
The children designed their own flowers with cotton in the middle. They chose from among several aromatherapy scents and put a few drops of aroma on the cotton so that their flowers would smell nice.

Cutting Flower Petals

We gave the children certificates of participation and said good bye. It was a little sad, but several of them are in our weekly classes or will be joining soon, so we will get to see one another again.

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