February 24, 2021

Spring Campaign 2021 スプリング・キャンペーン


Now is a great time to enroll your child in an English class or in preschool at New Hope School.

New Students

From now through May, English School enrollment fees are 50% off. Save ¥8250.

Step-Up Students

Students who step up to the next level English class in April get the following benefits:

  • Mommy & Me → Kinder English: first month 50% off
  • Kinder English → Kids English: first set of textbooks free
  • Preschool → Kids English (graduates' class): first month 50% off
  • Any English class to preschool: ¥15,000 off enrollment fee

Siblings of Current or Former Students

From now through April, a sibling of a current or former student who enrolls in an English class gets the following benefits in addition to 100% off the enrollment fee:

  • Mommy & Me: first month 50% off
  • Kinder English: first month 50% off
  • Kids' English: first set of textbooks free

Tell a Friend

If your child is a current or former student, we will give you a ¥1000 gift card for each friend you introduce who enrolls. The friend who enrolls will also receive a ¥1000 gift card. Please make sure your friends tell us that you introduced them!

Contact us for a free sample lesson.






  • マミー・アンド・ミー → キンダー・イングリッシュ:初月の月謝50%オフ。
  • キンダー・イングリッシュ → キッズ・イングリッシュ:初年度テキストブック一式無料。
  • プリスクール → キッズ・イングリッシュ(卒業生クラス):初月の月謝50%オフ。
  • 英語教室からプリスクールへ入学される方は、入学金が¥15,000割引となります。



  • マミー・アンド・ミー:初月の月謝50%オフ。
  • キンダー・イングリッシュ:初月の月謝50%オフ。
  • キッズ・イングリッシュ:初年度テキストブック一式無料。




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