February 18, 2011

Me and 100-Year-Old Me

As part of the hundredth day celebration this week, we talked with the children about respecting and honoring elderly people. Then the children sat in front of a mirror and drew two self portraits, one of how they look now, and one of how they imagine themselves looking when they are one hundred years old. They crumpled and smoothed out the second paper to make their 100-year-old faces look wrinkled.

I like how the boys gave themselves facial hair and many of the girls gave themselves glasses. (Click the pictures for larger versions.)

February 16, 2011

One Hundredth Day Celebration

Today was the one hundredth day of preschool this year. As part of the celebration, each child brought 100 items to school and shared them with their classmates. Here is a sample of what was brought. Sorry if we didn't get a picture of your child.

100 Candies

100 Chocolates

100 Clovers

100 Cotton Swabs

100 Favorite Things

100 Flowers

100 Hamster Pellets

100 Hearts

100 Origami Kabutos (Some were given away before the picture was taken.)

100 Lego Blocks

100 Magnetic Letters

100 Pens

100 Shiny Letters

100 Sticks from the Park

100 White Sticks

February 14, 2011

Marshmallow Snowmen

We made marshmallow snowmen at Saturday Preschool this month. The kids were given marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and dried blueberries. Here are some of our creations. It's a good thing we took some photos because these snowmen didn't last long!

Good Friends

This Snowman Looks Like It's about to Dance.

Marshmallow Snowman with a Hat

Pretzel Stick through the Middle As a Spine