July 16, 2019

Saturday English 7/20

This Saturday (7/20) from 10:00 to 12:00! 今週の土曜日、10:00〜12:00!

May 15, 2019

Summer Programs 2019年夏のプログラム


Sign-ups are now open for summer programs at New Hope. Join us for stories, crafts, games, Bible time, and other activities—all in English. Check our website for details.

February 08, 2019







  • マミー・アンド・ミー → キンダー・イングリッシュ
  • キンダー・イングリッシュ → キッズ・イングリッシュ
  • プリスクール → キッズ・イングリッシュ
  • (英語教室からプリスクールへ入学される方は、入学金が¥15,000割引となります。)




Spring Campaigns 2019

Now is a great time to enroll your child in an English class or in preschool at New Hope School.

Enrollment Campaign

From now through April, English School enrollment fees are 50% off. Save ¥7500.

Step-Up Campaign

Students who step up to the next level English class in April get 50% off their first month in the new class. Eligible step-ups are as follows:
  • Mommy & Me → Kinder English
  • Kinder English → Kids English
  • Preschool → Kids English
  • (Children who step up from English classes to Preschool get ¥15,000 off their enrollment fee)

Tell-a-Friend Campaign

If you are a current student, we will give you a ¥2000 gift card for each friend you introduce who enrolls. (Siblings are OK too!) Please make sure your friends tell us that you introduced them.

Contact us for a free sample lesson.

January 31, 2019


年のテーマは園児&小学生共に「ペット」  です。 5日間を通して、お話、工作、ゲームやアクティビティーなどの時間をすべて、英語でします。

日時: 3/25~29。午前10時30分〜午後1時30分(受付開始:午前10時15分から)
年齢: 3~6歳(新1年生まで)、 7~12歳 (6年生まで)。
料金: 全日参加 ¥16,000 、部分参加 ¥4,000(1日) 。兄弟割引は、それぞれ10% オフとなります。料金は、前払いでお願いいたします。 3/22以降のキャンセルは、ご返金できません。朝の延長:午前9時30分 〜午前10時15分、 ¥800(1日)。料金はすべて税込みです。
お申込みは、オンライン (園児向けプログラム) (小学生向けプログラム)、または、申込書をニューホープ・スクール・オフィスまで提出してください。

Spring Programs! March 25-29, 2019

This year’s theme for younger and older children is "Pets!" Join us for five days of stories, crafts, games, and activities—all in English.

Dates: Dates: March 25~29. 10:30am to 1:30pm (drop-off from 10:15. Early drop-off available for an extra fee).
Ages: 3~6 years old (through first grade). 7~12 years old (through sixth grade).
Fees: ¥16,000 for five-day program or ¥4,000 per day. 10% sibling discount. Pay in advance. No refunds after March 22. ¥800 per day for drop-off between 9:30 and 10:15. Consumption tax included.
Apply with a paper application form or online (younger children's application)  (older children's application).
Bring your lunch, drink, towel, toothbrush, cup. Also indoor shoes and change of clothes for younger children, and pencil and notebook for older children.
Let’s have fun!
*Please note that the location for the older children's program is 5-1-3 Narimasu, next door to the preschool.