August 08, 2011

Don't Be Mottainai!

Today in the Graduates' Class, we read a picture book called Mottainai Grandma. It's about a grandma who scolds a boy about all the wasteful things he does. It was originally written in Japanese, but there is a bilingual version available now.

After reading the book together, we thought about ways we can conserve resources. It's timely for us here in Tokyo with the energy shortages related to the nuclear situation. Anyway, here are some of the students' ideas about how not to be wasteful.

  • "Turn off the light if you don't need it." M. K.
  • "Don't cut down trees." T. M.
  • "Don't put things around the refrigerator." R. Y.
  • "Don't leave the TV on when you're not watching." Y. T.
  • "Don't leave the air conditioner on too long." T. M.
  • "Use a reusable bag at the supermarket." R. Y.
  • "Ride a bicycle instead of driving a car." I. T.

Please add your conservation ideas in the comments and I'll share them with the students next time we meet.