October 24, 2012

Homemade Alphabet Chart

When we moved to the new school facilities, we didn't have an alphabet chart. No problem. The kids made their own.

October 10, 2012

Dodgeball and Red Beards: Wonderful Things We've Learned!

In our classroom we have a bulletin board entitled “Wonderful Things We’ve Learned.” Once in a while, the students write down something they’re excited about having learned, and pin it to the board. Here are the current contents of that board. (I've fixed up some spelling.)

I learned that Leif found America before Columbus was born. I learned about vikings. I learned how to throw a ball and make it bounce backwards.
I learned that ***** is sin in Hebrew and ***** is sin in Greek. ***** means God. Sin means missing the mark. (Sorry, couldn't type the Hebrew and Greek words.)
I learned about vikings and volcanoes.
Volcanoes are so scary because of fire. I’m excited about volcanoes.
I learned that the Pacific Ocean is the biggest of all the oceans.
The volcano movie was fun. Dodgeball is fun.
I’ve learned how to skip and come back to things you don’t understand in a book.
I learned about volcanoes. They are so red! (with picture of erupting volcano)
P. E. was so fun because we played many things. And I’m thankful that I came back to Japan.
Vikings had long houses, so I was surprised. Vikings fought against so many places.
I did science. Oceans and continents are 71% and 29%.
I learned about Eric the Red. His beard and hair were red.