January 31, 2012

Solomon's Temple Replicas

We are learning about King Solomon and the temple he built. Today the students were paired up, given blocks, and asked to make the best replica they could in about 45 minutes. Look what they came up with. If you want to see an artist rendition based on the description of the temple in the Bible, see this page.

How about those cherubim around the ark of the covenant?

This group emphasized that the temple was mostly made or overlaid with gold.

"The table and bread will go here!" 
Golden Lampstand in Progress

January 26, 2012

How Clean Is Snow?

The elementary kids are doing a science unit about "small things." Today we looked at melted snow under the microscope. After seeing all of the floaties in the water, one student exclaimed, "I'll never eat snow again!"

January 21, 2012

Making Stringed Instruments

Check out these student-made instruments! We are learning about David the psalmist and how he wrote songs and sang them with stringed instruments. The kids were challenged to make their own instruments with rubber bands and whatever else they could find. After working on them for a few days, some students were able to tune their instruments and play some recognizable music. Pretty amazing!

(And don't tell the kids, but they are pre-learning about the physics of stringed instruments)