October 28, 2009

More Ideas for Home Study

Some children have gotten over the suffering part of influenza and are into "feeling-fine-but-waiting-to-be-noncontagious" part. Looking for something to do with your child? Playisessential.net is a blog with tons of great home-study ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. Here's an example that lines up nicely with our "rock" theme at the preschool this week.
Today you can find Rocks.

As you walk collect rocks.
Discuss their size, shape, color, textures, and if they are pretty.

Bring your rocks home and paint them to be pet rocks!
You can give your rocks hair, googly eyes, nose, and mouth.
You can let your toddler paint the rock and after it is dry, you can put the face on it for them.

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