December 06, 2010

Solar System and Paper Mache Planets

A recent preschool theme was the solar system. What better way to learn about the planets than by making our own solar system out of paper mache?

First, we discussed the solar system using books and posters.

Then, the kids made models of the four big, gas planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) out of paper mache.

Finally, each child held a planet--paper mache for the big ones, little balls for the little ones--and orbited the sun (a giant pink ball in the middle of the room). Fortunately, the real planet stay in their orbits better than our models did! Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos of our living solar system.

Our Solar System (revised edition) Solar System (Kingfisher Young Knowledge) Planets: A Solar System Stickerbook

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