March 28, 2011

After the Earthquake

Here is a letter we sent out after the earthquake. I'm posting it here too for people who may be wondering about how New Hope School fared.

March 24, 2011 

Dear Friends of New Hope School, 

A lot has happened since our last letter. I hope that you and your loved ones are all fine after the earthquake and tsunami, and that life is returning to normal for you. We continue to pray for the victims and their families, and that the nuclear situation in Fukushima comes under control quickly and without further incident. 

With the damage that has occurred to some buildings, and the fact that many foreigners are leaving or have left Japan, a few people have expressed concern about the continued operation of our school. Thankfully, our building did not sustain any damage, and our teachers are all here. We are committed to our students and looking forward to seeing each of them again soon. We will hold Spring Preschool next week as planned (there are still some spaces available if anyone is interested). The new school term will begin as planned on April 5 for Preschool and Elementary School, and on April 6 for Afternoon Preschool, Mommy & Me, Kids’ English, and Graduates’ Class. 

Thank you for your continued support of New Hope School. Feel free to contact us any time with questions, comments, or suggestions.

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  1. I am glad to hear you all are doing well! My very best to you!