March 07, 2012

Student-Written Fables

New Hope School students have been reading and discussing Aesop's fables in a unit about ancient Greece. They decided to try writing some fables of their own. Enjoy!

Minnie, the Dog, and the Cat
by H. P. and M. S.

Once upon a time, there was Minnie Mouse, and Minnie Mouse had a dog. The dog barked at Minnie Mouse. A cat came to them. The cat meowed at Minnie Mouse. It was noisy. Minnie and the dog went home, and the cat went home too. So the dog cried and Minnie Mouse said to the dog, “You are OK.” Tomorrow, the cat will come again. The dog went to his doghouse, and the cat was there! The cat had three kittens. The three kittens lost a worm, and the dog found it. The cat said, “You are nice!”

Moral: Don’t bark at each other; be nice.

The Lazy Lion and the Helpful Goat
by T. S. and H. O.

Once there was a lion and a goat. The goat always took care of the lion, so the lion was lazy and couldn’t take care of himself.

One day, they ran out of food. The lion was hungry, but the goat told him to wait because there was a famine. The lion ate the goat. The lazy lion wasn’t used to taking care of himself, so he got sick and regretted having eaten the goat.

Moral: Be patient.

The Lonely, Rich Dog
by M. K. and M. M.

Once upon a time, there was a rich dog. The dog lived on an island and the dog didn’t have friends. Another dog came and said, “May I play with you?”

He said, “No,” and the other dog was sad. The next morning, it was a very warm day. The  dog came again to the rich dog’s house. He wanted to play, and the rich dog was crying. The other dog heard, and he wanted to help, so he did. The rich dog said, “Thank you,” and they were friends now. They lived happily ever after.

Moral: Make friends.

The Two Battling Dogs
by R. S. and H. O.

Once upon a time, a weak dog named Barky and a strong dog named Jarky were fighting. They both got tired, so they rested. Jarky wanted to fight to the death, but Barky did not want to fight. Barky finally said, “OK,” to fight to the death. Barky killed Jarky.

Moral: Even though you think you are weak, you may be strong.

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